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Women's Bull Futurity - June 7th
Springfield, MO

This is the last event to get a bull qualified for the Finale!



Team #2 Win!
Time is running out!
There are only a few heifers still available, get your slot NOW!


All Women's Futurity

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What is the Rhinestone Renegades?


The concept of the Rhinestone Renegades program was originally implemented as an innovative way to encourage women to take part in the exciting sport of bucking bulls. It has evolved into a fantastic venue for women to learn about the industry as a whole, develop a sense of the business, and increase their personal involvement within it. As well, it allows women to meet other like-minded people, test their limits, gain confidence and have a blast at the same time! The best part of this fantastic opportunity is that it is open to women from all walks of life; you do NOT have to have any previous experience with bucking stock to become involved!


Who is part of the Rhinestone


In a nutshell, the Rhinestone Renegades are an elite collection of women who are interested in becoming knowledgeable stock contractors in the bucking bull industry. The Rhinestone Renegades will have
real-world businesspersons extending their experience to the participants, providing hands-on demonstrations, broadening their social networks; all the while having the time of their lives through hosted events called “Rhinestone Socials.” At year end, their hard work will be put to the test at the Bucking Club Heifer Finals.

The 2013 Renegades season was full of absolutely fantastic, fun, and educational experiences: from crawfish boils, flanking seminars, one-on-one personalized training sessions, to choosing bull semen straws for your heifer breedings. We are so proud to have watched our 2013 members grow into knowledgeable stock contractors and we can’t wait to do it bigger and better in 2014!

Congrats to our 2014 members to date:

Holly King, Kynzi Lane, Renee Blankenship, Kristie Greenway, Jennifer Dickson, Christy Cruz, Ruby Bausch, Jenny Scripps, Michelle Cash, Elizabeth Trout, Nicole Porter and Macey Blankenship!


Our Mission:

Ladies, Get Your Flank On!

We want to give women the opportunity to overcome reservations, to venture into unknown territory, to attain knowledge, and have a wonderful time as a part of something distinguished. Our goal is to enhance their lives while equiping them with the skills needed to be productive stock contractors and formidable competitors in the thrilling sport of bucking stock.

The best part is this phenomenal opportunity is that it is open to women from all walks of life; you do not have to have any previous experience with bucking stock to become involved! All you need is the desire to have fun, a positive attitude, and an open mind.




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